Thomas Wilson Ikubese: The Man To Look Forward To In 2023 -By Fakinlede Pelumi Seun

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Many young persons might not know this Noble heart, in fact to me in this ongoing electoral event; he is the best of all the young aspirants, a true democrat to the call. Before I knew he is one of the greatest (every University of Benin graduate is referred to as greatest), I too graduated from Uniben. I have watched him on health-related programmes on Ondo State Radiovision Corporation (OSRC) as a little boy but once I met him at one of our alumni association meeting in Akure, I doff my cap for him. I became part of the believers of Yes, We Fit Revolution in 2017 even though I had a doubt of he remembering those who advocated for his course but yet I spoke about him to my friends knowing that we the youth now want to unseat the old folks. Even when Fela Durotoye wasn’t being straight about his own ambition, Dr. Thomas has spoken of his running for the office of the presidency. Now on his WhatsApp group, I listen to him intelligently sharing his vision and mission for running for the post. When he left NCP due to the foul play by the national chairman who also wanted to be the presidential candidate, Wilson passed the full details to his followers. Dr. Ikubese went into the ANN and he continued his bid and behold other young aspirants showed their faces, I was scared because I saw a divided vote but was happy when PACT was formed and the outcome of the election to have a consensus candidate produced Olufela Durotoye and He (Wilson Ikubese) told us to support Fela which I called a good sportsmanship but my sadden surfaced when Kingsley Moghalu who was a member of PACT went solo while Omoyele Sowore turned a rascal candidate poisoning minds against PACT. I was happy that Dr. Wilson didn’t do likewise but rather he remained in his resolution to support Fela Durotoye.

Fakinlede Pelumi Seun

Nigeria need such a man like Dr Wilson, a man who advocate for a new Nigeria and is doing it with a right course not desperate like these set of candidates that finally participate in the 2019 election. As a follower of Yes We Fit Revolution, Dr Thomas updated us that he had made several attempt to make the trio that is Fela, Kingsley and Yele to pick a consensus candidate and yet they didn’t come to terms even though closer to the election, Olufela became open to talks with the two other candidates. Let me say that the three have successfully divided the votes of the young people in Nigeria and had made some of us to go back to support either APC or PDP.

I want to implore that Dr Thomas should maintain his political relevance and create a large publicity putting his name on the minds and lips of every young Nigerians home and aboard and by the time 2023 will surface, He will be an household name on the political terrain that every educated young Nigerian will canvass for him and luring our less and non educated brothers to vote for him. I say for this sportsmanship Dr Thomas Wilson Ikubese displayed during this 2019 election, I see him as a man to look forward to in 2023 election…..

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