Threat to SKC Ogbonnia: Buhari’s Team Resorts to Slander

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SKC Ogbonnia


Fellow Nigerians:

I want to use this opportunity to express my profound gratitude to our teaming supporters, home and abroad, for the outpouring of support since the Federal Government of Nigeria issued open threat to my life. I hear your concerns and prayers. Rest assured that I will not disappoint. We are winning, and no amount of intimidation can truncate our campaign to finally produce a president with the capacity to make Nigeria better for ALL, come 2019.

Let me also bring you up to date with the latest development. Instead of apologizing for their heinous act, Buhari’s team is attempting, very foolishly, to deny the threat. Immediately after this statement is the infantile denial, as communicated by no other person than the same Aye-Aye of Buhari’s regime, Mrs. Abike Dabiri, who doubles as Senior Special Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhri on Foreign Affairs and Diaspora. As if their act lacks in folly, they have resorted to blackmail and slander through other channels.

But they will not succeed. The Buhari team must recognize that this time is not business as usual. Their opponent is SKC Ogbonnia. In short, they can attempt to copy President Donald Trump by bandying the term “fake news”, but they forgot that the Trump team, at least, has the common sense not to deny an original email from a yahoo address. The Aye-Aye (AKA Abike) and her team are about to learn the hard way: The corporate office of Yahoo is not located at Oluwole, Lagos.

I also read the Aye-aye (Abike Dabiri), attempting to marginalize my personality and our campaign. That is understandable. I had turned her down when she was prostrating, begging that I use my foreign connections to help “a true APC person become the image of Nigeria to the outside world.” As she then confided, “it is unreal for the likes of Geoffrey Onyeama, Rita Orji, and Rose Oko to be fronting for APC government” . The Hon. Geoffrey Onyeama is the Minister of External Affairs, but a late comer in APC. Dr. Rose Oko (PDP) is the Senate Ctee Chair on Diaspora Matters while the Hon. (Barrister) Rita Orji (PDP) is the House Chair on Diaspora Matters. For avoidance of doubt, I had communicated Ms. Dabiri’s plot to the Hon. (Barrister) Rita Orji sometime in 2016. (For those who have not seen the quintessential Aye-Aye in person, her features cannot be mistaken. The pictures at the bottom of the thread feature me and her when I was still a toast of the APC government).

Please stay tuned.

Personally Signed:

Dr. SKC Ogbonnia
APC Presidential Aspirant
Abuja, Nigeria