Welcome Back Mr. President -By Famakinde O. Michael Esq.

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I use this medium to felicitate with Mr. president; President Muhammadu Buhari, on his re-election as the executive president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. I want to say that this is a merited victory as he has proven to be capable of heading the State and the government in the last four years. This assertion is not political-driven but made out of total ingenuity.

True as it is that there are too many obvious hardships in the lives of too many people in the country, it should be noted that the Mr. President is not the sole cause of that. It is utopian to expect a damage done for 16years to be fully fixed in just 4years. Besides, nothing can be put right without having to make a few more damage first. After all, an aphorism has it that “you cannot make an omelette without breaking some eggs”. Therefore, hopefully, things will get better and better as we go on, till the hardships become eventually nonexistent.

However, to Mr. President, I plead your highest consideration in most of the decisions you will be making in the next four years. I hope that you will curb the rate of nepotism, favouritism, and ethnocentrism on your own part as these were highly noticeable in your administration in the first four years. Also, I hope the many promises of a stable economy and a better Nigeria encapsulated in your sermon titled “NEXT LEVEL” will all come to reality this time. These are my few thoughts as I have always been one of the apostles of your administration.

Once more, congratulations on your re-election as the executive president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


Famakinde O. Michael Esq.


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