Where are all these claims they talk about?

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There are laws propounded years ago by renowned philosophers that a majority of the today people still believes in. They said that two worlds is been path (interconnected) by straight line. But what happens if that line is blocked? Also for when two points are destined to touch, but a direct connection is impossible, the universe will always find a way. As true as that last statement may appear, is that true for the case between Nigerian government and the people?

For many Nigerians, the 2011 election was the first time they truly felt that their vote counted. Since then, the president has continued to show respect for the democratic process, refusing to interfere in various state elections and fiercely protecting the independence of INEC.
On inauguration day, May 29, 2011, the new president spoke passionately to Nigerians about his vision, not just for change but for complete and autmost transformation. He conveyed an agenda to reposition the country, re-orient the society and revitalize the economy. He promised to create jobs, ensure an enabling environment for small and medium enterprises, invest heavily in infrastructure, improve health care and eduction. And for power reform are the heart of his transformation agenda. As president jonathan enbark on his new term, he face challenges resulting from years of systematic failures in government, years of unbroken promises to the Nigerian people.

Yes Nigeria remains a work in progress but there has been a great deal of work done and a significant amount of progress made. Nigeria’s economy is expanding more than 7%, one of the fastest growth rate in the world, this is due to largely, by the booming industrial sector, which grew 8.2% in 2012. The government has reduced the fiscal deficit to 1.81% of GDP, cut domestic borrowing to NGN744 billion in 2012 and infaltion drop to about 8.5% this year, from 22% in 2011. As international agencies has upgraded Nigeria’s credit rating, Nigeria’s sovereign bond has been included in the International sovereign bond indices and Nigeria is now the prefered destination for investment in Africa, accounting for over 20% of all inflow. At his inauguration, the new president pledged to work on an efficient and affordable public transport system, today, the previously commatose free system are been revived, new electric locomotives and tank wagons has been bought and Nigeria now have a fast, safe and affordable alternative to road travel.

You see, i can list all the “BIG ground slide” achievements of today government but the reality of the fact still remains that the PEOPLE, the Nigerian PEOPLE who are a contributing factor to this achievements are not part of the PLAY-OFF. There’s still poverty in the land, educational system still suffers, there’s still insufficient electricity supply, unemployment level is still of high threshold, cost of living is still on the high side with a whole lot of other long standing issues, so i ask again, WHERE IS ALL THESE CLAIMS THEY TALK ABOUT?

What an average Nigerian is asking of is simeple, that life is made meaningful. Through the provision of basic social amneities of life. That they be carried along every step of the way. Once the government do this, once the government begins to do this, the claim of NIGERIA by her leaders, will no longer be questioned.