Why They Can’t Stand An Igbo President

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What if i told you that the reason the non-Igbo elites (or cabals) can’t stand an Igbo President is because they fear that in an Igbo man’s quest for a better Nigeria, where economic stability, efficient and reliable electricity supply, quality and sustainable job creation through the harnessing of untapped skills/talents embedded in the Nigerian youths, will be his ultimate focus and priority, they the cabals, will be cut out of their mischevous ways of making money in the country? What if i told you that the reason they can’t stand an Igbo President is because they know that an Igbo man will stop at nothing to repair Nigeria, even if it means stepping on toes? What if i told you that they can’t stand an Igbo President because to them, it will be humiliating for a group they so detest, to be the messaiah that the Nigerian people has been waiting for all these years?

One of the greatest challenges Nigeria has had, from the days of her independence till date, is leadership. It is okay for you to include corruption, ethnicity, nepotism or even political sentiments and religious differences, but the ballpoint is that they all emanates as a result of bad leadership.

For those of us who dig up population as the reason for Nigeria’s numerous challenges, China has a population of about one billion three hundred and fifty-eight million people, with sufficiently reliable economy, and a sustainable plan that can last her the next 40 – 50 years. The United States of America also has a population strength of about two hundred and fifty million people (though with its own challenges, ranging from growing unemployment rate, international conflicts, relaxing economic strength or stability etc.) has an alternative sustainability plan (through indirect dependence on ally aids) of 20 – 30 years carriage. There are other countries even in Africa, that technically measures on same scale of balance with the likes of China and U.S.A as regards vision, mission, and implementation plan, so you ask yourself, what could have been the problem with Nigeria, in spite of her abundant human and natural resources?

It is easier for some Nigerians to think that an Igbo President will seek revenge or perhaps, push for the breakup of Nigeria in order to achieve their “alleged” long goal of a “Biafran Nation”. But have they wondered why today in Nigeria, only the Igbos have continued to survive in all spheres of life without “political relevance”? Indeed, the Igbos have survived and put behind them, the post-civil war ostracism by partial “exit from the state of Nigeria” using acumen, tacts and akpunwaism or doggedness if you wish. Right now as i speak, the political atmosphere in Nigeria is very tense, but in all the somersaulting statements here and there, not a single Nigerian is rythorically asking, “what if we try an Igbo man as the president, can’t he lead”? The Hausas say power belongs to them (even though they led the nation for over 19 years without achieving anything) and they are doing all that is necessary to get it back, not caring whether or not it will cost them the UNITY of NIGERIA. The Yorubas are saying they must produce the Vice President irrespective of what anyone or group says. Where is the place of an Igbo man in NIGERIA?

The Igbos, whether anybody like to hear it or not, has for a very long time, held Nigeria together, both economically and otherwise. The Igbos have proved in their way of life, that they don’t need the Presidential seat to become made men and women, Nigerians will be lucky to have an Igbo person as the President of this country.




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  1. the main reason that behind igbo not become nigeria president is they have tribal sentiment

    June 6, 2016 at 2:02 pm