Christianity & Marriage: Daddy freeze is shaped by divorce -By Nneka Okumazie

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Given his haughtiness against marriage and subjects around it, it is evident that Daddy Freeze is shaped by divorce.

He strives to counter views of marriage that aligns with the Christianity, as well as boundaries expected before marriage – and possibly in it.

He loves to discuss divorce with all casualness, highlighting extreme stories that agree with whatever views he holds.

To him, marriage should probably not be, or could be with whatever latitude he says. He’s the chief of negativity – in everything. Never talks about love, or how to be great at it, but about fights, disagreements and separation.



He also never talks about faith, or how to believe. He’d rather underscore cynicism, skepticism – and schism.

He loves life in the social media, with all the postulations and fakeness. He helps people think along living in the broad way of anything goes – you’re just fine, all these other people are liars, my views are facts.

Daddy freeze does not particularly display intellect. For him, guesses, fabrication, lies, cheap shots, fake stories, etc. his core values, are the best. He reads whatever information written by Europeans, to counter European wedding and European Christianity to his supporters.

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He twists words and stories to support his hate. He interchanged the role of government with the role of the Church. He copies videos, texts, audio from different sources – only giving credit, when it may be too evident – that he stole it.

The low-to-negative intelligence of daddy freeze with his parasitic fame may be a proof of the quality of those who support him, agree with him, or repeats his doom. The thing that is yet to be clear for all is supporters is that when everything falls apart for them, do they remember anything daddy freeze says or where do they run to?

Critical thinking

Critical thinking can be a tool. Science is shaped by skepticism and exploration. Balanced and fair thinking too is often required on issues. The three can work and be applied. When there is critical thinking bias against just one thing – with disinclination for every other thing, that critical thinking could be borderline resentment.

Marriage is a choice. Christianity is a choice to be accepted. Doing either or both is personal – with discretion. There are Scriptural, behavioral, values, and character boundaries. Great marriages can be equal to great families and may be equal to better societies. Forgiveness is of the essence in marriage, so is love, care and affection. Marriage is incomparable with divorce.

Those selling divorce, promoting or implying it are destroyers. Yes, there can be really tough cases and super screw-ups. If it is a Christian marriage, divorce is not the way to go.

Shaped By

Individuals are sometimes results of what they are shaped by. Sometimes, communities and societies are results of what they are shaped by. Some people are shaped by surprise. Some are shaped by want. Some are shaped by lack. Some are shaped by diligence. Some are shaped by fairy tales.

Some are shaped by intimidation. Some individuals are shaped by tragedy. Some are shaped by pain. Some are shaped by rejection. Some are shaped by sickness. Some are shaped by loss. Some are shaped by hardship. Some are shaped by talent. Some are shaped by position. Some are shaped by oppression.

Some are shaped by disappointments. Some people are shaped by love. Some are shaped by goodness. Some are shaped by travel. Some are shaped by care. Some are shaped by abundance. Some are shaped by distance. Some are shaped by wickedness. Some are shaped by greed. Some are shaped by fear.

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Some are shaped by inspiration. Some people are shaped by theft. Some people are shaped by war. Some are shaped by motivation. Some are shaped by social media. Some are shaped by the internet. Some are shaped by Faith. Some are shaped by education. Some are shaped by family. Some are shaped by marriage.

The list goes on. A summary of what people really do, their courage, risk, example, moves, etc. are results of some of these. Sometimes it transcends the individual to a family, or group, to a community and beyond.

Patterns, questions in therapy and findings often boil down to what many are shaped by. Many never give in or let go, or change from this state of what was, or happened. For some who aren’t on a harmful track can continue to be shaped by it for good, for others it is heads down the rock bottom of the sunken place.


What is mostly sold is to be Christianity skeptic. Christianity is measured with science. Evidence first, must be physical, etc. OK. It is often cool to doubt miracles, or anything that has to do with the Christian Faith, because doing so means seems to mean smartness.

But that is not the case. There is so much in science that is unexplainable. There are several opaque areas of science and technology. No one dares to question the potency of science. Also, no one dares to question several other strange spiritualties and religions.

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Yes, Faith may be probably the hardest in Christianity. Believe in something that you can’t answer all the questions. Believing also in what is not seen. Believe, in good, in bad, in love and in tragedy. However, for those who are genuine, it pays to be a Christian. GOD is great. Christianity is not all these lies and askew conclusions of the sloppy phenomenon – atheism.

Daddy Freeze is shaped by divorce. He may be down the dark hole, spiraling off, looking for a crowd to go down with him – a specialized mercenary of hell. He can welter all he wants on any topic about true Christianity, the Christian marriage and Christ Jesus. Divorce is never the path.