Daddy freeze, guru of marriage doom and divorce -By Nneka Okumazie

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Daddy freeze recently wrote on Instagram that, “If marriage were so important to God, why weren’t Melchizedek, Elijah, John the Baptist, Jesus and Paul married? The marriage contract was created by man, NOT God and it encourages possession; which is demonic.”

In a similar post several months ago, responding to a musical artist, he wrote that he was “thanking God for the gift of divorce.”

Well, that marriage failed for him does not mean marriage is voided. The one way he thinks about everything against Christianity shows he has a deep bitterness against the Christian Faith.

But all the forcefulness of his campaign has been a massive failure. He remains largely ignored and often goes on insanity rants – with his team of nothingness.

His own idea of success is to attempt to bring those, far higher than he is, down. He’s often looking out for marriage failures, as example of why marriage is null.



Jesus is the Way

Christ said He’s the Way, the Truth and the Life. Christ also said that, “Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him.”

This shows that Christ does not force Himself or Salvation on anyone. It is a choice.


Matthew 7:13, “Enter through the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and spacious and broad is the way that leads away to destruction, and many are those who are entering through it.”

Matthew 7:14, “How narrow is the gate and difficult the road that leads to life, and few find it.”

Genuine Christians are often advised to work out their Salvation with fear and trembling, and they also often work out differences in marriage. If both are truly born again, divorce is not an option.

Yes, there can be difficult situations and issues, but often, with the acceptance of Christ, forgiveness is primal.

No one is perfect; however, spouses are expected to uphold certain behavioral expectations. Within the Christian Faith, it is far higher, than just regular morals and ethics, there is a Scriptural standard to life, and it applies.

As a fact of life, resilience is often useful towards success, so is determination, value and respect. This applies to marriage as well. It is not that any small problem, divorce, or to threaten divorce.

Daddy freeze’s campaign is about the broad way, anything goes and anything sin is allowed. It also makes him speak glowing of marriage doom, and revel in divorce.

Marriage is a choice

If anyone wants to remain single, good for them, but marriage is often for life. If one person who had a failed marriage speaks, why not we listen to others who have successful marriages?

Same broad way he thinks about marriage is the same thing he has been saying of Christianity. That true Churches are to blame for poverty, or that true Churches are major problems in Nigeria? NO, they aren’t.

There is no electricity generation or distribution deficiency anywhere in Nigeria that is induced by any true Church. There is also no earning, or spending, or conditions of living in any rural area or of the poor that is a because of the Church.

If people have whatever addiction, or hobby, or habit, it is fine with him, or even if they do their social spending anywhere, fine with him. But when it comes to the Church, it is a scam. Well, it is not, no matter how many times he says it. It is a choice and discretional.

There is nothing enlightening in all he says, everything starts and ends and hating true Churches – or using broad generalizations against them.

Genuine Christians often learn that all churches are not the same, and there are some pastors that are not in line with Christ, but he would use any random anywhere and say, Churches.

People have had rough times in their marriages, and have been able to come through, getting better, learning, growing and changing.

There are some dead marriages that through prayers and counsel – in the Christian Faith, were resurrected back to life.

Daddy freeze cannot think properly

He might a force a few grammars, copy ideas or repeat rhymes but he can’t. He does not have any analysis of anyway Nigeria can be better as a society, which is what Nigeria needs.

True churches are for true faith, true hope, worship, Christian fellowship and lifestyle. Not national development.

The Church can encourage those working in key sectors to do better and pray for them, but the Church is not supposed to build a pedestrian bridge or generate electricity, or solve flood, or erosion in the country.

Marriage is great. If an individual is a genuine Christian, it is great to marry within the Faith – for ease, and within values. Not just beauty or just money – nice, but can be useless in major disagreements if Faith, values and emotions don’t align.