June 12 And Nigeria’s Abosi Syndrome -By Kehinde Oluwatosin B.

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Kehinde Oluwatosin B.

In my series on Nigeria’s diverse sociologies, I spoke about the sociology of Ojú ayé. The sociology of Ojú ayé encompasses the whole gamut of the hypocritic disposition of the Nigerian that makes it difficult for any jury to define what her ethical stance are as a people .

I will add another dimension to that which I have already written earlier which is Nigeria’s àbòsí syndrome. The Nigeria’s àbòsí syndrome ensures that she frustrates you, vilifies you and sometimes kill you and when you are dead she goes about with rivers of crocodile tears and then creates a memorial and build monuments in your name.

It’s this syndrome that gave rise to June 12 ,safe for this syndrome June 12 might not even exist in our myriad of holidays.

When Nigeria’s àbòsí syndrome cannot kill you and out of all odds you thrive into glory, Nigeria’s àbòsí syndrome has another dimension to it.

That dimension ensures she wants to reap where she has not sown. She has many subtle ways of doing this, like proofing to everyone that cares to listen that Anthony Joshua is from ìjèbú, he even hawked bread in ògèrè, the cousin of his mother’s brother is ìyá olóbì in rémo.

The àbòsí syndrome often affects how we perspectivize evil. When Nigeria’s young class hear the high octane grooves of “it’s a codeine diet” or “moti mu were yo” they start to brandish waist in ecstasy to the music, however when those who actually “mu were yo” who now operates under the influence of such drugs,either rob or rape an innocent Citizen who doubles to be their follower, Nigerians start screaming “ìkúnlè abiamo o”.

Be screaming hun and not change your àbòsí/ojú ayé syndrome.

Kehinde Oluwatosin Babatunde is a prolific writer and public speaker.

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