Christianity, RCCG & Daddy Freeze: Desperation, Anxiety, Patient or Miserable -By Nneka Okumazie

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Genuine Christianity is a long game – run with patience. It is almost inconceivable to be a devout Christian and be desperate for anything except the things of the Spirit.

The natural quest for everything now, goes to rest when an individual comes to JESUS. This Way of GOD made it impossible for individuals to game Christianity.

It is not to accept Christ halfheartedly, get something, leave, and come back later – when something else is needed.

This is why many hate the Christian Faith, because it does not conform to their calculation. It is possible to keep doing everything GOD requires, and after prayers the LORD answers I would, but wait.

It is also possible that the LORD answers by fire, or not this, not how, not here, immediately or whatever – He chooses because He’s Supreme Sovereign.

The innumerable amount of caution that following the LORD provides is priceless. Yes, there are troubles in the world, but the character and behavioral excesses that Christianity edits out are lifesavers. This is a reason accepting Christ is an event of great joy.

Of late, the word depression is thrown around a lot, being miserable is a common state for many, anxiety is like natural, manipulation goes at the mind, creeps are everywhere, and desperation is almost how the world works, but genuine Christianity is helpful against these.

There is a lot of Hope in the Christian Faith. Hope for answered prayers, for a better tomorrow, for eternity with Christ, for reward in Heaven, etc. This Hope is purer than general optimism, which may be based on business, ambition, or whatever else, and when it fails may lead to non-clinical depression, unhappiness or desperation.

There is so much desperation across the world. Desperation for position, money, power, optics, pleasure, immigration, partnership, marriage, parenthood, divorce, attention, to get high, etc., desperation may start with mood, status, location, lust, isolation, greed, hate, envy, wickedness, stupidity, intimidation, pain, loss, etc., but where it leads is often unknown.

Desperation has led some to disgrace, it has led some to pain, it has led some to shame, it has led some to the depression, it has led some to things that cannot be described or defined, and it has led some to loss.

Following GOD is firm against desperation. The great father of Faith, who waited on the LORD, but took a wrong step – which could be some form of desperation, even after GOD promised, later made him make a bad decision.

A king, out of envy, was desperate to kill a winner, but lost his life instead. The winner had the opportunity to kill the king, though the winner often prays against his enemies, but declined because he wasn’t desperate.

Imprisoned Apostles weren’t desperate for the death of the keeper of the prison who attempted to die; instead they shared the message of Christ’s Salvation.

A spouse was desperate for lust of the flesh but was rejected by a follower of GOD. It began the process that led that follower of GOD to the palace.

A king was desperate for lust and saw his place taken from him temporarily. But for GOD’s mercies, it would have been permanent.

There was the Apostle who was desperate to know JESUS, and the Power of His resurrection. There was a healing of desperation where a person was carried through the roof into the room that Christ was.

There was also an individual who screamed for mercy, or don’t just pass by and JESUS stopped to heal. There was also the individual who touched His garment for healing.

There was the individual who prayed all night and wrestled with an Angel. There was a disciple in prison and Christians prayed without ceasing until an Angel rescued the disciple. There was desperation [of faith] to bring back to life, a disciple – full of good works and acts of charity.

So desperation for Christ and Faith in Him is great. Any other desperation is unwelcomed for genuine Christians. Just as the Scriptures says Fear not, but the only fear – and trembling – allowed is the one to work out individual Salvation.

While others have all kinds of fears and are often shaped by them, the only fear permitted in Christianity is for Salvation, or the fear of GOD. As a fact, the lack of the fear of GOD is often responsible for strange acts of evil or strange behaviors that are supposed to be abnormal, but seen as normal.

For genuine Christians, no need to worry, when all cares can be cast on the LORD. No need to be anxious when prayer and supplication – with thanksgiving, can be made.

It is the way of others to be miserable and desperate. They cannot submit themselves to GOD, but these things they didn’t submit themselves to, often takes over them and decides their mood or action.

Rape, aside being evil wickedness, is also desperation. Sending and receiving nude pictures aside being manipulation, is also desperation. Intoxication, drug overdose, pornography, infidelity, masturbation, creepy acts, destructive anger, fraud, corruption, deceit, etc., aside being addictions, are also desperation. The Scriptures say flee fornication. Abstain from all appearances of evil.

[2 Timothy 2:22, But keep yourself from those desires of the flesh which are strong when the body is young, and go after righteousness, faith, love, peace, with those whose prayers go up to the LORD from a clean heart.] [Galatians 5:24, Those who belong to Christ Jesus have nailed the passions and desires of their sinful nature to His cross and crucified them there.

There are several acts people did – that they can’t tell anyone – to get money or success. The Scriptures says for the love of money is the root of all evil. Also the Scriptures [a certain version] explained that money answers every need – money can buy.

Many times, what others see as failure of Christians is because Christians are not desperate in the way of others. So while it is easy for others to change figures, do scams, be corrupt, and sell themselves, etc. genuine Christians say NO!

[Proverbs 4:18, The path of the just [is] as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day.]

That shining light is not money, or material, or fame, or phone, or shoes, or clothes, or social media profile, or packaging, or trending, but the light of GOD.

Yes, there’s prosperity in Christianity, there’s healing, deliverance, divine help, favor, mercy, love, Christian marriage, soul winning, etc. just like Christ said about those who have left all to following Him, that they’ll “receive many times more at this time, and eternal life in the age to come.”

The Scriptures says, “You have not yet resisted to bloodshed, striving against sin,” which is like the necessity of prayer against bad habits, etc. even for Christians, aside just working against it.

People with addictions often assume that everyone has one thing, but that’s never an excuse. The problem with addiction is that it is unpredictable. It can snap at any time and result in the unexpected. An addiction can let someone do the worst strain of stuff. So it is often important to pray that Lord GOD, please don’t let this [habit] ruin me.

This is another reason for genuine Christians to ask for the LORD’s mercy and compassion. The Scriptures often says pray. Also that LORD please help, Savior please save, etc.

[Luke 18:1, Then JESUS told His disciples a parable to teach them that they should always pray and never become discouraged.]

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